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Dance-Celebrate Life

Every culture throughout time has employed Dance to express their emotions and celebrate life.

Many dance styles regularly change as younger generations look for new ways to express themselves. But a few styles remain constant and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Ballroom Dancing incorporates these resilient styles which include Modern, New Vogue and Latin.

Virtually every celebration in life includes Dancing and those of us that can dance will get more out of life than those who don’t dance.

Our aim is to teach this wonderful method of self expression and we have designed Dance lessons to suit all ages and experience levels.

If you can step to the front and step to the side then step backwards you are on your way to being able to dance. All you need is someone to teach you the steps that make up a dance.




Saturday 22nd October 2016

Free lesson - Opus Waltz
The Crest 'Blouza' Ballroom
157 Blaxcell Street Granville

Youth Club

2016 Championships 

Sunday 13th November 2016
Combined NSW RSLYC
Ballroom Dancing
2016 Championships


Adult Classes

Adults (beginner)  Every Monday night
7.30pm to 9.30pm $12.00 per lesson.

Adults (advanced)  Every Tuesday Night
8.00pm to 9.30pm $12.00 per lesson.

Youth Club
2016 Lessons start Thursday 28th January
$5.00 per lesson after annual join up fee of $7.50
Thursday nights during school terms
7.00pm – 8.15pm (beginners)
7.00pm – 9.15pm (advanced)

Please Note
Classes held at Granville Town Hall 10 Carlton Street. Granville. (NSW)

Except on the Dates listed below - when lessons will be held at Parramatta Town Hall

Monday 8th February - Monday 22nd February

Monday 14th March - Tuesday 29th March (Cancelled no class)

Tuesday 26th April - Monday 23rd May - Monday 27th June

Private tuition available on request.


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Granville RSL Sub Branch

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